Outdoor Living Rooms…Creating Your Unique Space

The Butler Home Improvement team is driven by our shared passion for creating the most beautiful interior and exterior spaces. From beginning to end, we ensure that your home improvement project incorporates your personal taste while complimenting the structure and style of your home or property.

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Sharing with clients the joy of outdoor living is one of the greatest perks of my job. Seeing their happy faces once a job is complete, and hearing stories about how they plan on using their new deck or patio, is an exciting part of the deck improvement process. As deck designers and builders, Butler Home Improvement knows how to design a deck that will add years of enjoyment to your home and outdoor living space.

Did you know that homeowners who add a deck to their property or enhance their custom deck prior to selling, whether it’s deck maintenance restoration or accessorizing, usually recover the cost? As potential buyers seek a new place to call “home”, seeing homes with a deck in good condition, regularly stained or painted with care, are more likely to be enticed by the outdoor space. Decks that need repairs, seem neglected, or lacking accessories not only are unattractive to buyers but also can appear to be costly futuremaintenanceprojects. Investing in your deck and outdoor living area also adds additional space to your home, making it appear larger than it truly is for potential buyers.

Have a home you don’t plan on selling? Consumer Reports indicates that because today’s consumers are thriftier, they stay home more to entertain and to spend family time. Homes with outdoor living spaces are one of the most appealing ways to spend a nice evening! When weather is prime, many clients love the idea of “outdoor living rooms”. When the TV goes off and the family heads outdoors to toss a football in the backyard while sharing stories of their day, the idea of a custom deck or patio is a true investment in what matters most: being together with family and friends.

As winter becomes more of a memory and the weather turns to sunnier days, it may be time to take a peek at your deck or patio. Does it require some TLC? Not sure what it may need to become that beloved, family-friendly space again? Collinsville-based Butler Home Improvement can help. Our team of experts specialize in custom decks, deck repair, and many other home improvement projects for St. Louis area customers and beyond. If you want to learn more call us at 618-344-7073 in Illinois or 314-329-5489 in Missouri.