Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floors in a home exude elegance, sophistication and most importantly, history. Etched in the lines of a hardwood floor are decades, and sometimes even centuries of life and memories that have been passed down from generation to generation. The best and most responsible way to retain the life and memories of an old home is with a hardwood floor refinishing, not replacement. The techniques our professional use to refinish hardwood floors are careful and precise. We only work with hardwood floors, so when we say that we are the premier providers of hardwood floor care, you know that we mean it. With the professionals at HP Flooring, you can feel confident in knowing that the history of your home will be preserved so that the generations that follow can also experience and enjoy your hardwood floors for years to come. Contact the hardwood floor refinishing experts at HP Flooring today to meet your refinishing needs.

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Our Refinishing Process

Refinishing a hardwood floor may seem like a complicated and lengthy process, but our professionals have actually narrowed the process down to three simple steps: sanding, staining and refinishing.

  • Sanding a Hardwood Floor. Over several years, the multiple layers of polyurethane or epoxy that protect your floors can become tarnished and damaged, making your once beautiful floor look far more worn than it actually is. Our hardwood flooring professionals carefully remove this layer of protection and sand down your floors to the original, beautiful hardwood that lays beneath. If your floors have any extensive damages such as deep gouging, pet stains, or burn marks that penetrate the outer protective coating, these will need to be addressed before the project begins.
  • Staining a Hardwood Floor. Once the process of sanding is finished and the floor has been cleaned of any left over debris, the art of staining can begin. The stain colors of a hardwood floor can be made to complement or contrast with the rest of the decor of the home, and can range in a variety of shades from cool dark colors to warmer, lighter shades. Finding the right degree of staining depends on type of hardwood floor you have and how you envision your finished project to feel.
  • Refinishing. With your floors now freshly stained, the final protective layer can be applied. A layer of polyurethane or epoxy is used to seal in the refinished stain of your hardwood floor and protect it from the skid marks of chairs, footfalls, pet scratches, the movement of large pieces of furniture or other damages that can accrue over time. You made the correct decision to refinish your hardwood floors, now preserve them with a protective coating.

Preparing for Your Home for Refinishing

To ensure a smooth process from start to finish, as a homeowner you can do several simple things to prepare your home:

  • Remove furniture from the room. Clearing the floor will expedite the process.
  • Section off the room that is being refinished. Remove needed items beforehand.
  • Keep young children or any family pets out of the room until the project is complete.
  • Cover any artwork, fixtures, electrical outlets, and doorways or windows with masking tape.

Contact HP Flooring Now

We want to help you preserve the character, history and memories of your aged hardwood floors so that the generations that follow after can enjoy them as well. Contact our Hardwood Floor Refinishing experts today to see how your hardwood floors can be refinished and preserved.