Design Consultation

You have a design, a dream for how you want your home to appear, and a beautiful hardwood floor is part of that design. You know exactly how you want your floor to look and feel, but as you begin to put your plan to action minor complications begin to turn into major problems. Don’t let the minor complications of any home design turn your dream floor into a nightmare. The hardwood flooring experts at HP Flooring will assist you in creating the perfect hardwood floor design that won’t compromise any of your flooring goals. We’ve helped clients design plans that are as specific and specialized as a kitchen floor to more expansive remodeling projects such as the flooring for an entire house. We know how and where complications will arrive, and how to best correct these issues so that they don’t compromise your dream design. Call or Contact the hardwood flooring experts at HP Flooring today to ensure that your home flooring design doesn’t get compromised by minor issues.

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Design Consultation: How to Best Prepare

Remembering those perfect questions to ask during a hardwood floor Design Consultation can be difficult if you forget to write them down. As professionals, we want you to be fully prepared and satisfied after your consultation, so here are several things to think of and write down before we meet to plan out your hardwood floors.

  • Create a Checklist of things your project needs. If you want a certain type of design or a certain way you want your hardwood floors styled, make sure to take note of it. Also, if you know of any existing damages or other issues that could potentially complicate a project, notate these issues so that our flooring experts can take special care to resolve these issues with you.
  • Find Styles, Colors, Stains, and Types of Hardwood that you might want to use. Collecting a collage of the different types of hardwood you prefer will help our professionals cater to exactly what you want. A hardwood floor installation or refinishing is a serious and important investment for your home or property, and we want you to receive exactly what you want.
  • Important or Final Questions to ask. Let us know if you are worried about any issues, ranging from pricing to how long an installation or refinishing can take, or any other worries you may have. It can be difficult to remember every question you have when we’re knee-deep in designing, so be prepared! We want to create the perfect design for you, so don’t forget anything.

Contact HP Flooring Now

If your hardwood floor design has become more complicated and tedious than you initially planned, don’t worry. Our Design Consultation Professionals will assist you with every step of the process and make sure that all of your hardwood flooring goals are met. We service the Greater St. Louis area and can meet you anywhere. Schedule a Design Consultation appointment with HP Flooring today by calling 314-771-2873 or filling out our online contact form.