Hardwood Floor Installation

A Hardwood Floor Installation is a timeless investment that adds sophistication and elegance to any home or property. You have a dream of how you want your home to look, and hardwood floors that tie together the interior design of your home are an integral part of it. You chose hardwood floors because unlike carpet or tile which can easily become dirty and damaged, hardwood floors are durable and lasting and age gracefully with any home or property. You’ve made the correct decision, and now you need the perfect hardwood flooring company to help you make this dream a reality. The hardwood floor installation experts at HP Flooring understand that no two flooring projects are the same and that every client wants and deserves to have a beautiful lasting hardwood floor that complements the interior design of their home. Our professionals only work with hardwood floors, so you can be sure that the end product you receive will absolutely be the floor that you have envisioned. Contact HP Flooring now to meet your installation needs.

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Your Hardwood Floor Installation Project

Installing a hardwood floor instead of carpet or tile is always the correct decision. Hardwood floors are hypoallergenic, require less maintenance than carpet or tile, and always increase the value of a home or property. Installing hardwood floors can be an extensive project that shouldn’t be undertaken as a DIY project unless you previously have extensive knowledge in installing hardwood floors. Our professionals have years of installation expertise and can handle any hardwood floor project. Installing a hardwood floor is done in several steps, here are a few of the initial ones;

  • Measure the Room– Taking the correct measurements of the dimensions of the room is vitally important to any installation project, but even more so for a hardwood floor installation. Being short a few inches, or having dimensions larger than the initial measurement can add additional time and expenses to any project. Our expert installers always take the time to measure the room correctly the first time.
  • Check the Sub-flooring– If a floor groans and squeaks prior to an installation, this is an issue that arises from the sub-flooring and must be fixed immediately. Our installation experts understand how annoying a noisy floor can be, so we take the time to correctly assess how to best improve the sub-floor so that it can support the hardwood floor without creating any additional future noise nuisances.
  • Preparing a Vapor Barrier– Before the project is finished, hardwood floors can be susceptible to warping and swelling from moisture in the air. Either of these occurrences can complicate an installation project and add to the cost and time required to finish. To best protect an installation project, our experts install vapor barriers at the entrances, windows and any other openings in the room to ensure that a dry atmosphere is maintained.

Preparing for a Hardwood Installation

To ensure a smooth process from start to finish, as a homeowner you can do several simple things to prepare your home:

  • Remove furniture from the room. Clearing the floor will expedite the process.
  • Section off the room that is being refinished. Remove needed items beforehand.
  • Keep young children or any family pets out of the room until the project is complete.
  • Cover any artwork, fixtures, electrical outlets, and doorways or windows with masking tape.

Contact HP Flooring Now!

As a Homeowner you’ve made the correct decision to invest in a hardwood floor, now trust the premier hardwood floor installation experts to handle the project for you. With our specialized techniques and years of installation experience, our professionals can ensure that the hardwood floor design you envision for your home will be exactly what you receive. You can reach our HP Flooring installation experts at 314-771-2873 or by completing our online contact form.